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B2B2B Payment Platform

Unlock new revenue streams to your business by offering your customers their preferred payment methods. Make money on every transaction you process through your customers.


Your focus is getting your customers to use your payment system. Onboard your customers as sub-merchants in your payment system. Zettr handles the rest!

Tech, security and compliance

Operating a payment platform can be easy. That is because Zettr takes care of the maintenance of all backoffice and payment methods. We also take care of everything related to security and compliance. Read more in our Thrust Center.

Transactional Pricing

Set your own transaction prices towards your customers and decide your own revenue margins. By integrating payments into your core product you can increase customer lifetime value.

Automatic payouts

Payouts are handled by Zettr and paid out to your customers for their transactions. The margin between the transaction cost and the transaction price, set by you, is also automatically paid out to your business.

One backoffice 

Get insight to your customers payments and transactional data through one backoffice. Manage onboarding of your customers through the same backoffice.

Onboard your customers easily

Your customers can onboard as a sub-merchant of you through one single interface. KYC and security is handled by Zettr.

Fully whitelabel

Both the Zettr backoffice and the checkout with the available payment methods are built to be whitelabeled. Strengthen your brand and customer loyalty by branding the payment platform as your own.

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