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Benefits for your business

If you operate as a platform and would like your customers to get access to online payment methods the benefits are several.

  • Add a new revenue stream to your business and make money on your customers invoice volume by having transactional margins on the invoices.

  • Improve your product by adding digital payment methods to non-electronic invoices.

  • Your customers can get paid faster, improving their cash flow, hence they have more to spend on your business.

  • Less administrative work for your customers with automatic reminders and automatic reconciliation of the payments.

  • Easy turnkey integration

  • No maintenance of payment methods

  • No hassle with security around payments

  • No hassle with compliance

  • Dashboard with overview and reports of your customers' online transactions.

  • Adding additional value to your platform and to your brand by integrating whitelabeled payments to your product.

  • Last but not least: HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

Benefits for the consumers:
  • They can pay their invoice easier and faster

  • Do not have to log in to their bank account to pay

  • No need for cumbersome KID numbers

  • No need for long bank account numbers

  • Can pay with their preferred and thrusted payment method

  • Easy to you and less hassle with forgotten payments.

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