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Zettr was founded by the team behind who is Norway's largest platform provider within the e-commerce industry and a part of the Visma Group.

We aim to providing cutting-edge invoice payment to companies of all sizes.


Our Business

We are the leading e-commerce platform in Norway, and we have vast amounts of data available about consumers' needs and requirements, and we know what makes the consumer "tick".

During our quest to become the leading commerce platform in Norway, we began to build solutions to allow our own customers to pay for our services, and the idea for Zettr was born. Who doesn't want this?

We decided the we needed to bring our knowledge and expertise to the businesses in the world. that is why we began building the next generation of payment solutions tailored for companies that base their operations on their accounting/project software.

We used our deep e-commerce knowledge to create a solution that just seamlessly works and automates the entire payment and bookkeeping process both for the company and the consumer

Today, we offer intelligent, innovative payment solutions to companies the give customer satisfaction

Since we were established in 2006, has been a pioneer in the digitization of trade with cutting-edge expertise in scalable, flexible and user-friendly trade solutions with flexible system integrations with Klarna, Vipps, Bring, PostNord, Adyen, Tripletex, Google, Facebook, Visa, Apple, Mastercard and a sea of ​​other players.


“With Zettr's modern interface, it's so easy to have control over all my outstanding invoices and when payments are made. If an invoice is overdue, a friendly reminder is send to customer automatically, saving me the trouble of following up manually". "

— Olga Roumpou, Accountant

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