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Why should it be hard to pay an invoice?

Well, it is not anymore. Zettr offers a modern and customer centric payment solution to the traditional invoice. Let the customer use their preferred payment type without you having to change your own workflow.

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What is Zettr?

Get paid on time, every time

Our name derives from the norse word settr. This translates to "to settle" and this is the perfect explanation of what we do!

We are one platform to handle online payment options tailored to your business and your customers. Embed payments on your platform and let your customers sign up, get paid for their services with their preferred payment methods.

Zettr fetches the non-electronic invoices (e-mail, PDF and paper invoices) sent from your system and connects the invoice with the preferred online payment methods, like credit card or mobile wallet payments. No need for cumbersome KID-numbers and long bank account numbers. Every payment is  automatically reconciled in your system.

Unlock new revenue streams

Set your own transaction price towards your merchants.

Fully whitelabel

Strengthen your brand by branding it as your own company payment service. 

All payment methods

Choose between 300 different payments methods suited for all markets.

Our Services

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